hi, call me oats!
all pronouns | 🇨🇦
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About Me

  • oats / oastlv (oh-stull-vee)

  • any pronouns

  • ↑18+

  • AR 58 (NA) | main team: do i even have one anymore

Favourite Characters

  • ningguang, i dont cheat on my wife ☺️

  • childe, scaramouche, signora, ganyu, xiao, eula, diluc, baal,



  • beiguang, chiluc, xiaoaether, xiaoven, zhongven, chaeya, zhongxiao, lots more (i like almost everything)

BYF / Account Content

  • Mostly SFW (16+ content), may interact with 18+ content

  • Interacts with spoilers, may not always tag

  • FUB free

  • I use blocklists and freely block to curate my own feed

  • Do not message me about my posts, RTs, following list etc, unless containing misinformation. unfollow/block as necessary.


  • Actively dislike my favourites or ships (esp. Aether ships)

  • “(Character) is a minor / minor-coded” discourse

  • Disrespectful toward alternative headcanons / cultural perspectives

  • Under the age of 16

Other Accs


Status: Semi-open


iPad Pro 4th Gen (12.9) | Procreate, Clip Studio PaintWacom Intuos | Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop


  • Icon, header, wallpaper, layout use ok with credit


  • Do not use commissions or gifts if you are not the recipient

  • Do not print, produce, or otherwise redistribute my artwork

  • Feel free to reference/draw inspiration from my work, you do not have to ask to make content of an idea I made! I love to see people expanding on my original ideas and AUs

Brushes / Speedpaints / Tutorials

  • Procreate: HB pencil, Gloaming, Spectra brush

  • CSP: no idea i just use whatever brush is nearest i’m sorry 😢

  • I don’t have any speedpaints or tutorials available at the moment! I will try to add a more in-depth brush FAQ later